AX Model Manager

With previous versions of AX utilizing the graphical interface for XPOs to deploy code, working with the Models & Models stores in AX 2012 using the command line tools may at times seem a bit tedious. With this in mind I began investigating the various functionality made available by the AxUtil.exe application as well as the PowerShell functions.

Utilizing the same code libraries as the command line tools I was able to create a graphical interface that, at this point, contains most of the same basic functionality.


The graphical interface currently implements the following functionality:

  • Set target SQL Server
  • Select target AX Model Store database – model store databases are populated for the given server.
  • Select target Model – populated models in the selected store are available for selection in a drop down box.
  • Model Import – provides drop down for conflict resolution options
  • Model Export – includes the ability to provide a file for strong name signing
  • Model Deletion – removes the selected model from the target model store (database operation only)
  • Model Manifest view – displays the properties of the currently selected model from the model store, or a model file opened for importing.
  • Model Store Export – exports the currently selected model store to the specified file
  • Model Store Import – provides drop down for ID conflict resolution options as well as target schema name

The feedback that you normally see on the screen is redirected to the output tab with the most recent message displayed on the status bar.

If there is any level of interest among the AX community, I will look into distribution options.

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4 Responses to AX Model Manager

  1. Rogerio says:

    This will help a lot, if it possible sent it thankz and best regards

  2. Kenny Saelen says:

    Nice one!

    To be honest, have been thinking about something like this. What if we could create a graphical thing for this. Drawing target and destination boxes and drag and drop models around? :)

    • steve says:

      I actually have quite a bit more code developed that would offer much more functionality than what is shown. I just decided to test the waters to get some feedback from the AX community to see if there would be any interest by possibly offering some basic functionality as a starting point.

      Given what I currently have, it would be a simple task to create a “source/target” system that would allow you to “drag & drop” models from one model store to another.

  3. Dilip says:

    Good utility!

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